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Brenda Edith.

God first || 18 || IG: _ayeebrenda

Here’s to you for making it through another day in a brutal world that makes survival mentally and physically and spiritually difficult. You are awesome.

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Loving God means more than saying you love Him, it also means honoring Him & obeying His word.

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The most attractive thing about a man is not his muscles, his hair, his eyes, or his smile, it’s the fact that he is on fire for God. That’s my kinda man.

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My heart lives in so many places. With so many people. But God whispers to me that I really have only one home, and that is with Him. I will never be content on this earth. I will always be a nomad. It was meant to be that way. My heart was created with a desire for a home, a nest, a sanctuary, and that can be found only with Him in Heaven.



Answer which one you think would fit me and leave it in my askbox.

  • Tall or short?
  • Crazy or calm?
  • Brunette or blonde?
  • Over 20 years old or under?
  • Straight, gay or bi?
  • Lazy or bouncy?
  • Big dreamer or take things as they come?
  • Try three different outfits at morning or just wear anything?
  • Prefer flats or high heels?
  • Curly or straight hair?
  • Sleep with light on or off?

This sounds really fun,it’s storming please do it :D

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I’d love to pray for you tonight ! Any requests ? (:

Just send me your request on ask !

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